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About Website Designer Tonya

Thank you for checking out my About Me Page.

My name is Tonya and I live in Bluefield, WV. I am also from Stafford, VA.
Stafford is located in northern Virginia (NOVA) only 38 miles south of Washington, DC.
I have attended The University of Phoenix and The Art Institute. I am in the process
of completing my bachelor's degree in Website Design.

I want to share with you about how I got started on eBay. My start on eBay
is a very humble one indeed. Back in 2006, I had become unemployed and
had no college degree at all. I wanted to learn how to make an income from
home, but I did not know where to start. I did not know much at all about
computers back then either. I only knew the basics of computers such
as reading emails, sending emails, browsing the Internet, and
playing computer video games.

One day, I contacted my friend Lee to see if she knew of any possible way that
I could earn an income at home because it is extremely hard if not impossible for
one to get a good paying job with no college degree, so I felt that my possibilities
were very few if not any at all. Then, Lee mentioned to me about how she sold
items on eBay in her spare time and that I could sell on eBay too.

Back then, I barely even knew what eBay was because I was still relatively new
to the Internet. I knew that eBay was an online marketplace where people bought
items, but that was about it. After checking out my friend's eBay Store, I said to
myself that I can at least give eBay a try and see how it turns out because
I will never know unless I try, so I did!

I opened my very first eBay Store back in March of 2006. I did not have much
money to get started with back then, so I started out by selling a few unwanted
household items from around my home. I also bought some items to resell on eBay
that I would find on sale at different retail stores such as health products
and home decor items.

After I opened my eBay store, I had to enter my eBay store name, so I started
to think to myself about what I was selling on eBay which at the time were items
from my home and for the home, so I decided to name my eBay store simply
"My Home Sweet Home" which fit me perfectly and that is precisely
how I got started on eBay!

3 months later in June of 2006 for the very first time ever in my life,
I learned how to make my very first eBay store logo design for my
eBay Store "My Home Sweet Home" and you can see how it
turned out below. =)

My Home Sweet Home eBay Store Logo Deisgn

After I creating my very first eBay store logo design, I was so thrilled with the results!
I then wondered if I would be able to make logo designs to sell to other eBay sellers,
so I immediately called up eBay and showed the gentleman who answered the phone my brand new
y store logo design that I had just learned how to make! He told me that he really loved my logo design!
I then asked him if I could create logo designs to sell to others on eBay and he said, "Yes, you sure can!"

At this moment, I got even more excited because I finally found something that I really enjoyed
doing and that was creating Custom eBay Store Logo Designs, Banner Designs, Blog Designs,
Website Designs, eBay Store Pages, eBay About ME Pages, eBay Auction Listing Templates,
for others that would help online sellers to brand their business in a very unique and professional way.

Once I started creating and selling my custom designs on eBay back in June of 2006,
I knew that it was very important for me to change my eBay store name in order to
reflect my custom designs that I was selling on eBay. I wanted a catchy name,
so I prayed that God would help me to pick out the perfect name for my eBay store.

After praying about it, I got out my dictionary and started to read through all of the
words starting with the letter A and working my way through every single letter of the
alphabet in order to see which word would sound the best. My goal was to find an adjective
that would precisely describe the type of designs that I wanted to create for sellers. I then
came across the word dynamicand I thought to myself about how the word sounded very
catchy and unique! Then, I read the definition of the word dynamic to see what it meant.

1. means energetic, capable of action and/or change
2. a basic or dynamic force, especially one that motivates, affects development or stability, etc.

After reading its definition, I knew right away that the word dynamic would be the best
adjective to describe my custom designs! Ironically, after I changed my eBay store name
to what it is today, TonyasDynamicDesigns, a year or so later--I learned that the word
is also used to describe Website Designs! In the beginning, I had no idea that
there was a real correlation between the word dynamic and Website Design, but there is!
That is proof in my book that I was truly destined to become a Website Designer! =)

After learning this fact, I even got more excited about Website Design! I read online that in
computer terminology, dynamic usually means capable of action and/or change, while static
means fixed. Both terms can be applied to a number of different types of things, such as
programming languages (or components of programming languages), website pages,
and application programs. (Search Networking, 2000)

There for a few years, after I had started TonyasDynamicDesigns, I never had my own logo design
to go with my new store name because I was unsure of what my logo design should look like.
Then, one day in 2011, I decided to finally design my store logo. I focused on the word
dynamic in my store name. After trying out a few different logo designs that I was just not into,
I then decided that I will use a simple diamond shape for my new logo design because I love
the way the shape looks and also because the word diamond has the same starting sound
as the word dynamic that is in my store name and that is how my new logo design was born!

After I designed my new diamond shape logo, I decided to look up the word diamond
to see exactly what its meaning was and I was very happy with what I found out!

1. The diamond shape motif is a foundational image that is about creativity
2. The diamond shape is a geometric shape. Geometric shapes are shapes
such as circles, squares, triangles, and diamonds which are made up of regular
patterns that are easily recognizable. This regularity suggests organization, efficiency,
and structure. Geometric shapes tend to be symmetrical further suggesting order.
3. The diamond shape represents the concept of transformation,
clarity, vision, awareness, labyrinth, journey, and immortality.
4. From a Native American Indian's perspective, each side of
the diamond shape represents a facet of life's learning phases
such as the following:

  • Freedom
  • Equality
  • Unity
  • Eternity

You can see my diamond shape motif logo design on my banner at the main top of this page which
is the blue and black diamond that is located next to my business name. I absolutely LOVE it! I will be
more than happy to create an awesome logo design for your business or non-profit organization too!
To get started, simply take a look at my ebay store design or my website design packages and place your order.
It's that easy! Every eBay sale that I make is greatly appreciated and helps me so much to continue my education.

Thankfully, I have been able to accomplish alot since my first start on eBay back in 2006.
If it was not for eBay and for all of my wonderful clients who I have worked with over the years,
I would not be where I am today. eBay has totally transformed my entire life! =)

In 2006, not too long after I learned how to design eBay store logos and eBay store pages,
I started to attend college online at the University of Phoenix where I received my associate's degree
in Website Design and Visual Communications.I am currently working towards my bachelor's degree
at the Art Institute. My ultimate goal is to get my master's degree in Website Design in order to
become a college professor and be able to teach Website Design to college students.

I am very grateful and happy to be a:

  • Certified eBay Stores Designer
  • Virtual Online Assistant
  • eBay Educator
  • eBay Marketer
  • eBay Business Consultant
  • Online Business Consultant
  • Website Designer
  • Website Marketer
  • Graphic Logo Artist
  • Flash Animation Designer
  • and a 2009 University of Phoenix college graduate
    with a degree in Website Design/Visual Communications

You can buy with confidence!
I have been helping people worldwide to start up and maintain their
eBay Stores and Websites since 2006! I greatly appreciate your business.

I love designing eBay Stores and Websites. It is truly one of my
greatest passions in life with my Christian faith in God always being
#1 in my life. I look forward to working with you soon to make your
eBay Store and/or Website to stand out from the rest with a UNIQUE
Custom Design made just for you!

You are welcome to view and download my resume.

Sincerely yours,
"Creating the Website Designs and eBay Store Designs of Your Dreams since 2006"

Certified eBay Stores Designer, Website Designer, eBay Educator, and Pay Pal Verfied! Check out my excellent feedback