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Welcome to my eBay Store.

eBay Social Media MarketingeBay Store Shop Design Collage
Watch this video from eBay to see how I can help you
by writing eBay Guides to HELP INCREASE YOUR

This is exactly what I will be doing for you and more!
Check out my eBay Guide I have written and you
will see that I have 75,000 views on it already!
~ Click here to view my eBay guide with OVER 75,000 views on it!
~ Click here to view all of my USA eBay guides that I have written to get more traffic to my store!

Custom eBay Marketing
PROFESSIONAL eBay Marketing and Branding Management = MORE SALES FOR YOU!

*Search engine traffic and sales are never a guarantee for any seller,
However, writing eBay guides, blogs, and posts can greatly increase
your potential in getting seen more, getting more traffic, and sales!

*If you are not seen online, how will anyone know about your store?
Writing eBay Guides, blogs, and posts will help you to get the word
out about your store and help your store to be seen!

I am one of the most power-driven Social Media Marketing Managers that you will ever find!
Let me manage your eBay store's brand online and drive the most traffic to your store and items!

I can market and manage any eBay store's brand such as the following:
General eBay Stores
Jewelry eBay Stores
Clothing eBay Stores
Shoes eBay Stores
Handbag eBay Stores
Sewing Fabric eBay Stores
Craft Supplies eBay Stores
Collectible eBay Stores
Antique eBay Stores
Dog / Pet eBay Stores
Cat / Pet eBay Stores
Bird / Pet eBay Stores
Cars / Trucks / Auto eBay Stores
Auto Parts eBay Stores
Makeup eBay Stores
Women's Perfume eBay Stores
Men's Cologne eBay Stores
DVD Movie eBay Stores

and so much more!

Simply, order the eBay marketing package that you like the best
and we will get started! It's that easy! I will write
original content just for you!

You will SAVE over $95 when you buy a larger marketing package instead of the BRONZE package.

*Quick Tip:
Most website sellers will purchase an
eBay Marketing Package either weekly,
several times per month, several times per year, or as needed in order to have NEW content
written about their website on a regular basis which will drive the most continuous traffic!
Search Engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing love NEW content and lots of it!
Older content will also bring in traffic on a continuous basis.

Before your eBay marketing package can begin, you must open a FREE account with Twitter and Facebook.
You must also have either a
FREE Blogger account or a Word Press Blog account, and be actively selling.
Google + Plus and Pinterest are also a great idea to have.

*Important Note:
If you need a more custom marketing package to suit your business' unique needs,
than what I am currently offering below, please contact me. I will be very happy to help you.

Each eBay Marketing Package comes with original content written just for you such as:
eBay Guide Sbmissions
Blog Post Submissions
Twitter Tweet Submissions
Facebook Post Submissions
Bonus Submissions of your choice
(i.e., Google + Plus, Twitter, Blog, Facebook, or MySpace, etc)
FREE Selling, Marketing, and Selling Tips on PDF
FREE Email Selling Support
eBay Marketing backup files sent to you by email

*This is my refund policy for all of my eBay store marketing packages.
*Due to the nature of the sale, refunds are not given once the marketing has been created.
If you want a refund on your marketing, I will prorate your refund based on how much work
that I have already done on your marketing because you are paying for my time to market your site.

*A 25% fee is charged when giving a refund to prorate the marketing package that has not been completed.
The 25% fees pays for my time to set up your marketing project on my computer. Every order is immediately
set up on my computer after it has been paid for.

Certified eBay Stores Designer, Website Designer, eBay Educator, and Pay Pal Verfied! Check out my excellent feedback