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Welcome to my eBay Store.

There are so many business solutions that I offer as
you can see from the store categories listed above.

My E-Commerce specialties include eBay and
Website Business Consultations to show you how
you can get more traffic and sales such as:

Also eBayBusiness Classes such as:

Custom eBay Store and Website Designs such as:

Custom Niche eBayStores and Website Designs such as:

*Note: Having more than 1 eBayStore and Website custom designed is optional,
but highly recommended in order to help you to saturate the online market more in
search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the particular items that you are selling.
Many successful online businesses will own several "Niche eBay Stores and Websites"
that specialize in in only certain items as mentioned in the list above which allows one
to target their primary buyers more precisely. The more precise that you have visitors
visiting your site the more sales that you will be sure to make!

A great example of how one can target their primary buyers is with my eBay Store.
If you notice--my eBay Store is dedicated to selling sevices that are specifically for
online businesses and non-profit organizations. This is exactly how you need
to create your own online site and that is by knowing who your target buyers
are and only selling items that they will be interested in buying.

For example, wouldn't it look very odd and unprofessional if I were to also sell iPods,
iPads, Smart Phones, cell phones, Android iPhones, Apple iPhones, porcelain dolls,
vintage cabbage patch dolls
, Barbie Dolls, BMW cars, auto parts, and computer video
all in the same eBay Store? Yes, it most definately would because all of these items
are totally different from what my store is all about and that is why I willnever sell items
in my eBay Store that are not for my targeted buyers.

However, if I wanted to sell any of these items what I would do is this. I would simply
open up additional eBay Stores and Websites in order to create my niche sites and
that is exactly what I recommend to everyone in order to make the most sales. Wal Mart
on the other hand is already a very well known company and they can sell whatever they
want and still make millions of dollars. However, for new online businesses just starting out,
specializing in only certain items for their targeted buyers simply works out much better
because when buyers are searching on Yahoo, Google, and Bing--niche sites have a much
higher chance of appearing on the 1st page of search engines which is the best place to be!

I also specialize in Custom Logo Designs, Illustrations, and Banner Designs such as:

I also specialize in Custom Flash Animation Banner Design such as:

Ecommerce Icons such as:

Holiday Designs such as:

Web Hosting such as:

Domain Names such as:

Website Management such as:

Product Sourcing such as:

Stock Photography (i.e., Stock Photos, Stock Images) such as:

Photograph Restoration and Photograph Enhancements such as:

Search Engine Optimization / SEO such as:

Social Media Marketing such as:

YouTube Video Commercial Production such as:

Voice Over Production in an American female city
accent or in an American country female accent for:

Banner Advertising on WheresYourBid such as:

Listing Items for Sale such as:

Proof Reading and Editing such as:

Custom Print Designs and Desktop Publishing such as:

If there is a business service that you need that is not listed, simply contact me and let me know.
I will be very happy to help you with all of your online business e-commerce needs and non-profit needs.

I am also available for hire to do freelance work for any Website Design Company, Web Design Agency,
Magazine Agency
, Printing Company, Desktop Publising Company, Book Publising Company, Movie Production
Company, Independant Film Production Company, Hollywood Movie Film Production Company
, Christian Movie
Production Company
, Music Production Company, and so many more who need a Website Designer, Blog Manager,
Website Manager,
and/or Internet Marketer. I am truly the perfect freelancer and virtual assistant for your company!

My ultimate dream is to one day design flash animated movie websites and movie trailors!

I am located in Stafford, VA which is only 38 miles south of Washington, DC.
I am willing to travel and I am also willing to relocate if necessary. Contact me TODAY!

Sincerely yours,
Tonya with TonyasDynamicDesigns
"Creating the Website Designs and eBay Store Designs of Your Dreams since 2006"

Certified eBay Stores Designer, Website Designer, eBay Educator, and Pay Pal Verfied! Check out my excellent feedback