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Wix Website FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked

Please "choose a category" below for
my most Frequently Asked Questions 

I have received over the years from my clients.

If you have a question that is not answered below,

please feel free to contact me.

  • My Process ~ From Start to Finish
    *The entire speed of the design process is entirely up to you. It all depends on how fast you reply to my emails and give me all of the information for your website such as your images and design input. *Your website design should be completed within approximately 1-3 weeks or less. *Classic Website Design: 1-2 weeks or less *Advanced Website Design: 2-3 weeks or less 1. First, please place your order under "SERVICES" at the main top of my website to pay up front in full. *Financing is available: If you want to pay partial payments, please contact me for a FREE Price Quote and let me know exactly what you are needing and how much you can afford to pay each month. I will start working on your order after your 1st payment is made. 2. After you have placed your order, I will be emailing you a small design questionnaire for you to fill out to get your design ideas. If there is a website that you love, please send me a link to it and I will incorporate its design aspects that you love into your website design. 3. Clients are required to provide me with images that are high quality. If you do not have any high quality images, I do have lots of stock images that I can use on your design. I may also send you a link to a stock image or a video for you to review and purchase if needed. However, I usually always have the right images and videos to add to one's site. 4. I will also be happy to write the content on your website if you need help with it. You are also welcome to send me text for your pages such as your Home Page, About Us, etc. 5. If you are selling services or products on your website, you will need to add in your payment details on your website. It is very easy to do and takes only a few minutes. 6. I will have your Home Page completed within the 1st week for you to review. If any changes need to be made to your design, please let me know at this time and I will edit your design until you are 100% satisfied with it. 7. After I have received your approval of your Home Page, I will proceed to create your other pages and I will let you review them as well for your approval. 8. After you have approved your entire website design, I will make you a short video tutorial explaining to you how to access your dashboard, list items for sale, see your traffic reports, and send email marketing campaigns. And Viola! That's all there is to it! Super easy and simple! You will have a brand new website design that will truly make you stand out from your competition! *Please place your order with me as soon as possible in order to lock in the prices that are listed on my website. My prices are subject to change and increase. By ordering today, you will lock into your price.
  • What do I need to provide you to get started?
    After you have decided on what services that you would like to hire me for based on a custom quote that I have given you, I will need you to first make a full or partial payment for your services. After I have received your payment, I will email you a small design questionnaire to fill out and email back to me with your design ideas. Please fill out your design questionnaire as much as you can. The more information that you can give me, the better I will be able to design your website above and beyond your expectations! I will also need you to send me any images and/or information that you want included in your design. If there is a website that you love, please send me a link to it and let me know what you love about it, so I can incorporate those design aspects onto your website. If you do not have any high quality images that you would like for me to use on your website design, I highly recommend that you search for some large and wide stock images from iStockPhoto or Dreamstime. If you need help choosing the right images for your site, I can help you with recommendations. Just let me know.
  • How often will you update me on my order?
    I will update you regularly each week by email. Please check your email daily for any updates from me. I will respond to your emails and texts usually within a few minutes and sometimes within a few hours--it all depends on my workload. You are welcome to email or text me anytime about your order.
  • Do you offer Payment Plans?
    Yes, I sure do. You can pay: All up front 50 % down and the rest 1-4 weeks later or small monthly payments to fit your budget Please let me know before ordering, so I can set it up for you. Be sure to check out my Website Design - Monthly Plans that also come with Maintenance, SEO, Promotion, and so much more!
  • What types of Payments do you accept?
    I accept the following types of payments: PayPal Credit Cards Debit Cards Personal Checks Business Checks Cash Bartering (exchanging) for other services and products *Please note: If you are paying by check, I will start on your project after your payment has cleared the bank.
  • Which website platforms do you work with?
    I will custom design your website on any of the following platforms: Wix ( I love Wix the most because of their excellent SEO and Apps.) Word Press Shopify GoDaddy Square Space Weebly Verizon (Yahoo) Blogger eBay Etsy and more!
  • Do you offer technical support?
    Yes, I sure do! You will receive FREE Unlimited Technical Support with your Web Design package. *Optional Marketing Support: You can add additional monthly support to your order at checkout where I will promote your website online, edit your site as needed, create print designs, send you video tutorials, and so much more to help your business to grow!
  • When will my project be completed?
    For basic projects, it will take approximately 1-2 weeks or less for me to complete or order For advanced projects, it will take approximately 2-3 weeks or less. I will give you updates on your project every week via email.
  • Do you offer SEO?
    Yes, I sure do! With every website that I custom design, I also add Top SEO Techniques to each page for the most traffic such as meta tags, title tags, meta description, keyword text, etc. *Optional SEO: I also offer Advanced SEO Packages that include the following: Adding 8 additional Meta Tags per page Adding 5 JSON- LD codes per page and much more! *Please check out my SEO Packages.
  • Will you promote my business online?
    Yes, I sure will! I will post a link to your website on my social media sites. I have over 10,000 Fans with all of my social media accounts combined. *Additional Online Marketing Services: I will also create your own custom marketing materials for an additional fee such as: Print Designs (Business Cards, Business Flyers, T-Shirts, Signs, Product Designs, Book Covers, CD Covers, Guest Books, Trade Show Booth Designs, etc.) Email Marketing (design and set up) Video Production (design and set up) Social Media Marketing (design, set up, and promotion) Blog Writing (I will write blogs about your website, services, and/or products that you sell.) *Please check out my Marketing Packages.
Wix Website FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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