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How It Works - Wix Website Design - Wix SEO - Freelancer for hire near me

I will make your business grow
and expand beyond your expectations!

Having a professional Website Design with SEO, Marketing,
& Print Designs 
will be 4 of your most valuable investments
that you will ever make for your business!

Your website and brand represents who you are and
your business has to offer to the entire world!

I am here to make the process easy and seamless for you

that way you can just sit back and relax while
I am 
making your website and brand look so
awesome that will also produce TOP RESULTS!

Financing is available for any project that you need help with.​

Please contact me to make payments arrangements.

Get your website custom designed in 4 simple steps:

1. First, place your order for your Website Design Package.

(The more you spend, the more you will get.)


2. Your Design Ideas
After you have placed your order, I will be emailing you to get
your design ideas for your site. Then, the designing will begin.

3. Your Website Review
I will have your Home Page completed in only a few days or less.

I will let your review your Home Page Design to get your approval of the design.

If you approve the design, I will proceed to create all of your other pages.
You can submit any revisions at this time and I will be happy to edit your design for you.

4. Website Design Complete

After all of your revisions have been completed, I will make you a short
video screen recording that explains about everything that I did to your site.

I will cover the following topics in your video:

  • About your new website design and how it will help you to get more conversions & sales

  • Top Tips on how you can grow your business in the years to come!


~ When Will Your Website Be Completed ~
Your website should be completed within approximately 1-2 weeks for a basic design

and approximately 2-3 weeks or less for a larger and more advanced design.

I will give you weekly updates on your design via email

*For SEO, I will talk about your SEO and how it will help you to rank high on Google, Yahoo, & Bing!
*For Digital Marketing, I will show you the proper way to make your future posts on your Social Media, Blogs, etc.

I look forward to helping you,

- Tonya