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The cost of Wix is very affordable for all of the apps that you will have access too.
I sell Wix Hosting for only $50-$60 per month. It depends on how advanced your website is.

contact me to order your Wix Website Hosting
and I will be very happy to set it up for you!

Wix offers a wide variety of FREE Website Templates to choose from

How much does Wix Hosting Cost?

Follow these 8 simple steps to create your FREE Wix account.

  1. Sign up for your FREE Wix account

  2. Then, click on GET STARTED in the middle
    of your screen and follow the step-by-step instructions
    to create your Wix account.


  3. Choose what kind of website that you want to create.

    Customize a template. Choose your starting point.

  4. Drag and drop from 100s of design features.

    Add text, galleries, slide shows, videos, vector art, and more.

  5. Get ready for business by adding an online store,

    booking system, members area, and/or a blog.

  6. Publish your website and go LIVE. It's that easy.

  7. Drive traffic to your site by using advanced

    SEO tools and integrated marketing solutions.

  8. Lastly, if you would like for me to custom design your website,
    please select your website design package and we will
    get started. Please see my excellent design portfolio below.

If you have any issues creating a FREE account,
please feel free to contact me and I will be very happy to help you.

How much does Wix Hosting Cost?

Having a Custom Wix website will greatly help you to make more sales.
Who wants to shop at a plain and boring website? Exactly!

With every Wix website that I custom design, I will also take
care of all of the SEO which is
Search Engine Optimization.


Below are some Wix websites that I have custom designed:  

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