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A Custom Wix Website Design will help you to stand out from your competition!

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Having a Custom Wix Website Design is crucial to every business' success! When I create a website design for a client, I make sure that the website design has all of the following:

  • The design is visually appealing without distracting from the purpose of the site

  • The website has search engine optimization implemented on every web page

  • The website has all of the internal keywords added to each page for search engines

  • Rich keyword content is added to every website page for when the search engines crawl the website looking for keywords on the site

  • I add ALT image tags to every image that I upload to one's website in order for search engines to know exactly what the image is about which helps tremendously with search engine rankings

  • I promote every website that I create to my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for FREE! I have over 3,000 followers and I want to show your site off!

  • Lastly, I ping the website to all search engines to let them know that updates have been made to the website and this will make the search engines crawl the website again for the updates

Below are a few examples of my work! You can see more on my website at TonyasDynamicDesigns.

About the Author: Tonya has over 15 years of experience in Website Design, Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). She is very excited and thankful to be a Wix Partner and Certified eBay Stores Designer to bring you the very best business tools and selling tips for your business! Please contact Tonya TODAY for your next project! You will be so HAPPY that you did!


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