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With over 15 years experience, TonyasDynamicDesigns provides

Professional & High-Performing Website Designs with E-Commerce Solutions.

Additional services to select from are SEO, Digital Marketing, Logo Design,

Brand Identity, Print Designs, Video Production, & so much more! 

I look forward to working with you soon! ~Tonya

DC Marketing

TonyasDynamicDesigns is a leading Washington DC Digital Marketing Agency
in Washington, DC and surrounding cities throughout the USA.

Get more website traffic and website sales with a Custom Digital Marketing Package.

You will get the following with your Custom Digital Marketing Package:

  • Blog posts will be written about your business with rich keyword content
    This will help you to get listed on Google organically (naturally) in search engines.

  • Your website and blog posts will be shared on Social Media
    (Social Media Marketing / SMM)

  • Your keywords will be analyzed and adjusted for all of your
    website pages with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Your website will be added to Google Console and
    Bing Webmaster Tools to monitor your website traffic for FREE

  • Submission to over 700 Directories 

  • and so much more

About Tonya with



I am a Website Designer and SEO Expert

with over 15 years of experience.

You can check out my Website Design Portfolio

and also my SEO Portfolio to see how I can help you to

look very professional and get Top Google Search Engine Results!

You are welcome to contact me for a FREE Price Quote or
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to see if it makes sense for us to work together.


About Washington, DC

Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia, also known as just Washington or just D.C., is the capital city and only federal district of the United States. It is located on the east bank of the Potomac River, which forms its southwestern and southern border with the U.S. state of Virginia, and shares a land border with the U.S. state of Maryland on its remaining sides. (Wikipedia)

What I love about DC are the big streets and people everywhere. I used to live in Stafford, VA and I first visited DC in 2007. Being from WV, it was quite a cultural shock

for me visiting DC for the first time, but I loved it!

As we were driving through the city, I saw all of the business men and women walking

to lunch and they were wearing their tennis shoes and holding their business shoes in their hands. I thought that was so cool! I don't blame them. Wearing business shoes

will slow you down when you have to get somewhere fast to eat and then back to work.

That is something that I will never forget.

It's something you just don't see in the movies.

One day, I want to visit again. Please visit if you
have never been. There are so many museums
and restaurants to visit and site seeing.

*To learn more about DC, check out the

Official Tourism website for Washington, DC.
*Google Map to Washington, DC

*Below is a video that I took on my first trip to DC. I got confused at the end of the

video and said it was the White House that I was filming and I later learned it was not. LOL! It was the US Capitol Building. I love this video!

Here are some pictures that I took of Washington, DC while
I was touring the city back in 2012 during the time of Occupy DC.

TonyasDynamicDesigns is a leading Washington DC Marketing Agency