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A Custom Wix Website Design Will Increase Your Sales by 67%

Updated: May 21, 2023

Wix Website Design Templates

Having a custom designed Wix Website Design will let your potential buyers know that you are a serious seller. Who wants to go to a boring site? Not me!!! Exactly!!!

My main colors for my website are silver and a dark blue. I love blue! It is my favorite color! I also use a dark red color to grab attention on a few words that have a strong meaning. When I design a website, I focus the design on the client's needs for the products and services that they are selling. I usually use 1 stock image for the main focus of the design and I take 2 of the main colors out of that image and use it in the overall website design. You can INCREASE YOUR SALES by 67% just by having a custom Wix Website Design. That is a BIG increase! If you are needing a custom Wix Website Design or a Re-Design, please contact me for a FREE Price Quote. I would LOVE to make a professional design that is UNIQUE to you and that will help your business to grow. ~ Tonya with TonyasDynamicDesigns *Please check out my excellent design portfolio.

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