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How to Choose the Best Images for an Online Shopping Website

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Over the past few years, online shopping has seen a boom in the digital world. It is estimated that in 2020 there were over 2 Billion digital shoppers in the world, with an increase in global retail by 25% during the pandemic. In all honesty, I am not surprised by these statistics.

We have worked to help many businesses establish themselves in the online world. With so many buyers scrolling around, you must make your website presentable and engaging. Using relevant images on your site plays a crucial role in helping you define different products and services to attract customers.

We always mention buying and selling as a visual and tactical approach to business. If the visitor likes what they see, your product is going to the cart. If they don’t, well, you know the rest. (yes, I am talking about them leaving your site never to return!)

This article will discuss the most effective ways to choose the best images for an online shopping website. These will surely help you convince your customers to buy from you.

Choose Images That Speak What They Represent

Essentially, photographs and images on your online shopping website are incorporated to express and communicate what you want to sell appropriately. Color combination, background, and facial expressions evoke feelings in a way that your visitors are convinced to buy. It is important to contemplate each image and ensure it perfectly represents your product.

For instance, when selling gaming consoles, you should opt for the actual image of that product.

For example, take a look at the first picture:

Here we see a random console with no branding or clarity on what this product is about. These visual graphics are not as convincing due to a lack of transparency in what they represent.

On the other hand, if you see the image below, this console comes with an Xbox One logo which helps the users understand what they are purchasing. In addition, the background does not distract you or divert your attention away from the product.

Pick the Right Image Source

You can get your images from two different sources: personalized photography and stock images. What you choose depends on the theme of your online shopping website and your unique circumstances.

Personalized Photography

Personalized photography is ideal for people looking to build a unique brand and want to make sales from specific products. You need to take pictures of each product separately with a professional-quality mobile/camera. Although DSLRs are mainly used to take professional-quality, high-resolution images, most modern phones like the latest iPhone can deliver similar results without much effort.

However, you need to have a creative concept and idea of what each image should look like. Hiring professionals to do the job costs money. Still, the photos are uploaded with your personalized touch, and there are guaranteed sales.

It is actually the first step to brand building as well.

Stock Photos

Stock images are becoming a popular choice among many content creators and eCommerce stores. I recommend using a high-quality stock photo website to get more variety and options. However, they are not suitable if you want your personal brand to shine through. Stock images are ideal for people offering a particular service that does not have a physical structure.

For example, if you are offering people your accounting services, the picture below can be a great choice:

But on the flip side, if you have a computer store, this might not be a suitable representation of the MacBook models you are trying to sell.

You need actual images from your personal source or manufacturer so visitors know what exactly they are buying.

Attach Multiple Pictures of Same Product

When people visit stores to buy something, they spend a significant amount of time observing it from all angles. Personally, I wouldn't even consider spending time or money on a product I don't know much about. For this reason, eCommerce brands use multiple pictures of their products to give you a comprehensive understanding of the item.

Take the example of the multinational brand Nike. Their website uses 4 to 5 images per product, taken from different angles. It really gives you a clear idea of what you are buying. Also, if you notice, they focus on the central concept of their brand, which is being genuine, energetic, and focused. The white background puts complete emphasis on the model wearing their catalog. In addition, there are options to pick other sizes as well.

Add CTAs on Images

Want to influence your customers into taking a certain action, like buying your product? Add CTAs. Also known as call-to-action buttons, CTAs help invoke your visitors emotionally into making a purchase. A great way to add CTAs to your website is through images. People are more prone to clicking on images that interest them, which will then lead them to buy the product that you are selling. Make sure to add images that describe your product or service appropriately.

This section from The Canvas Prints website is an excellent example of a practical CTA banner. They explain their services with engaging photos and then give you the offer to upload an image so you can move to the next step of availing of their service.

Go For The Best Possible Resolution Available

We are in the world of high-quality cameras, and your images should represent the same. High-resolution images are a great choice for your online shopping website because you can modify their size without losing much quality. Additionally, when you compress a high-resolution picture to make your website load faster, it won't lose quality or become rough on the edges.

If you are looking for an expert to help you fill your shopping website with the best images, contact TonyasDynamicDesigns to help you build a good reputation among buyers.

Final Thoughts

Adding images on your online shopping website is essential to portray your brand as an authentic seller. When using pictures on your online store, you should always try to give the products/services a personalized touch. Besides, use high-resolution images with great focus on the product because they are more convincing for the potential buyers.

You can use stock photos for someone who is selling their services, but I recommend opting for personal photography or unique, customized images when it comes to physical products.

Let's work together to craft an excellent online shopping website for your brand today! Good luck!

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