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How to Choose the Best Images for Your Health and Fitness Website

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Health and fitness is a famous topic of debate among many people around the globe. With sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy diets, and obesity issues, the need for health and fitness experts is at an all-time high. And if you are a health and fitness professional, I believe it's high time to move your ideas/business online and let the world benefit from what you know.

People trying to incorporate better fitness routines to their lifestyles require some motivation to continue their journey. A good way to achieve this is by offering them an online portal that displays relevant images to peak their interest in a healthy lifestyle. These images also speak about your originality and what you market as a fitness expert.

This article will discuss choosing the best images for your health and fitness website. Whether you are a professional trainer looking to gain more clients or just a website with advice, these tips can help your site stand out among competitors.

Choosing the Best Images for Your Health and Fitness Website

The primary focus of a web design expert should always be efficiency and effectiveness.

Let's discuss tips to choose the perfect images for your site.

Choose a Fitting Color Scheme

Choosing a suitable color scheme for a fitness and health website is critical. It sets the tone for the content type and speaks volumes about your professionalism as a business. Avoid colors that can drive visitors away.

You need to pick a contrast that highlights your words and images without pinching the eyes. For instance, a lighter background with jet black font and pictures works well. I do not like pastel hues as they might not give your website that energetic oomph.

Red, orange, and neon are potent dynamics that scream energy. If you plan to promote gym-related business through a website, I recommend using the color blue for maximum effect. Other than this, lighter colors like pink, green, etc., work well for diet-related websites.

You can adjust the lightness or darkness of color depending on the energy level you want to depict.

  1. Go for Graphics that Blend Well With the Website's Theme

The images and graphics you choose need to represent what your website is about. They help people have an understanding of who you are, at a glance. Additionally, relevant images also help with SEO and improving your website ranking. Adding images to your website helps you give it a personalized look.

If you are a fitness trainer, I recommend using images of people working with weights and gym equipment in a gym or clinic. In most cases, before and after photos of regular clients also help establish your genuineness.

Alternatively, if you are a dietician offering health advice on your health and fitness website, using pictures of healthy food recipes will make it look more appealing.

Know When to Use Images and Illustrations

Images are real-life photographs of a subject. On the other hand, illustrations are hand-drawn caricatures or computer-generated graphics.

Both images and illustrations are useful for a website, especially one that relates to fitness. You can take original photos and create illustrations, or obtain them from stock photo websites.

Realistic images provide a more promising finish for people selling products/services on their health and fitness websites. They give an accurate description of your business while looking professional.

Example of an image:

However, suppose you plan to educate your audience and share content only. In that case, high-quality illustrations can lead to more clicks, better engagement, and response. Use illustrations and make your web pages stand out among competitors.

Example of an illustration:

Upload Relevant Images (Examples)

Your health and fitness website will revolve around exercises, food, transformations, and products. It is crucial to use images that blend well with your niche.

If your website revolves around the gym, exercises, and training, you can add images/illustrations such as:

  • People using a treadmill or the elliptical trainer

  • Men/women lifting weights

  • Trainer helping clients exercise

  • Protein supplements, meal replacement, shakes, etc.

Other than this, if your business revolves around recipes, food, healthy tips, dieting, etc., use images/illustrations that show:

  • Healthy food options

  • Your personal recipes

  • Pictures of at-home workouts

  • Gym pictures

  • Outdoor activities

Overall, these pictures can be helpful in engagement when you create promotions on social media such as Instagram and Facebook ads to boost your business.

Find Free or Inexpensive Images Online

No time to take pictures? No problem! There are plenty of online platforms featuring stock images for website design. You can get these images at convenient prices or for free - depending on the stock photo site.

  • Shutterstock is the most popular paid site with professional and personal use packages. It has over 360 million stock images, videos, vectors, etc.

  • Stock Photo Secrets is another amazing platform where you can choose from a whopping 7 million-plus photos, images, and vectors to support your health and fitness website.

  • Unsplash features over 300,000 free images that are regularly updated for more variety.

  • Pixabay is the most engaging free platform of all time, with over 2.5 million images.

Create a Logo that Speaks Volumes About the Business

Businesses should create logos based on colors and fonts to complement their website/business as a professional. Think about the concept and vision of your brand. What do your visitors expect when they open your website? The human mind can remember images shown in less than 100 milliseconds.

Just like the color scheme of your website, the contrast you choose for the logo needs to complement that. For instance,

  • Yellow is for optimism and happiness - like a ray of sunshine

  • Orange and red are for dynamics, energy, and confidence

  • Blue represents dependence and trust

  • Green is for peace and health

  • Pink and purple boast mildness and femininity

Based on this color analysis, I have some color ideas for different health and fitness logos to help you get a gist.

  • A combination of green and yellow make an excellent logo for outdoor yoga

  • Red, orange and blue can be used to create a gym logo

  • Aerobics, ballet, etc., can be represented with pink considering their level of intensity

If you are still confused about designing an awesome logo or even your website, leave that to Tonya; She will create the perfect website design for your business. Trust my word and THANK ME LATER!

The Key Takeaways

Health and fitness are becoming an essential requirement for most people. Web presence for anyone associated with the industry is essential. While making a website helps, having the right aesthetics is crucial due to the nature of content needed for fitness buffs.

Choosing the right images and logo for your online establishment can be quite a hassle. However, with my personalized tips on achieving a well-rounded logo using relevant images and colors, you can create a high-quality, engaging health and fitness website.

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Tonya Becker
Tonya Becker
Feb 04, 2022

😀Excellent article Ivy! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise!